Over our many years of catering Wellington events, we have seen so many different versions of the big day! From a carnival themes, to a stately occasion in palace gardens, there is a wedding out there for everybody. What matters on your special day is not what other people might want it to look like – your wedding day is a personal expression, so create a ceremony that reflects you as a couple, and you’ll have no problems at all.

Before getting ahead of yourself, start with a brainstorm about what you want, and then edit down. Keep your theme straightforward, and you’ll have no issues with over-complication. If you need a jumping off point for this brainstorm, read on – this blog post has five themes for you to start with, so that you can put your every effort towards realising your dreams.

A Whimsical Wedding


If you enjoy a touch of fantasy and laughter in your day-to-day life, then you might consider a wedding with a whimsical tone. This theme incorporates colour and laughter into the ceremony, flowers, decorations, and outfits. You can choose to make this theme as exaggerated or understated as you please, and it will still give that touch of individuality your after to the day’s proceedings.

Choose a bright colour scheme with a slightly worn or rustic accent to it. White with two or three dedicated colours is usually the best way to go, and then incorporate old or vintage styles into the mix; if possible, have your wedding in a natural setting to accent the whimsical touches and give the ceremony a light and happy air.

A Rustic Wedding


Perhaps you’re the kind of couple that loves living in nature, and adores the rougher aspects of life. Your perfect ceremony might be a rustic-themed one, with natural wood accents, and white-washed walls and decorations. This is another ceremony that would do well as an outdoor affair, since the rustic theme lends itself to thoughts of nature and trees and farmland that stretches for miles on end.

Incorporate a lot of natural, coarse materials into your design choices, and stick with a muted colour scheme that draws inspiration from nature colours. Odds and ends from the attic, and old vintage things make the whole thing more authentic, but it’s important to resist putting it completely over the top, as too much of this sort of thing can be overpowering.

Additionally, burlap table runners and rough-cut wooden tables are a brilliant way to meld the traditional aspects of a wedding reception with this theme, and the best part is that you can have a lot of fun putting together these elements from scratch if you’re the sort of couple that would enjoy it!

An Alternative Wedding


This one’s for the slightly quirkier couple, with an eye for the slightly darker aspects of life. Alternative weddings usually follow a few key points – darker colour accents, clean lines with a twisted edge, and small touches that speak to the individual interests of the couple.

If you’re thinking about an alternative wedding ceremony or reception, consider what it is about you and your partner that makes you unique, then incorporate it into your decorations and the ceremony itself. After all, you can’t go wrong with basing the wedding on the couple themselves, can you?

A Romantic Wedding


This one goes out to the romantics and the lovers – the ones who love “love” itself. Pastels, soft hanging lights or flickering candlelight, delicate calligraphy and gentle music are common elements of this wedding theme. Talk to your wedding catering company about a naked cake, and familiar food – the idea here is to convey love and devotion to each other and your wedding party.

While a more common choice, don’t mistake it for overdone, as you are able to tailor your ceremony to be absolutely perfect for you. Add plenty of florals and lace to the mix, keep everything soft and delicate, and there won’t be a dry eye in the house by the time the wedding is over.

A Modern Wedding


Clean lines, geometric shapes, and minimalism are the order of the day with a modern wedding theme. This in no way has to mean a diversion from traditions if that is what you want from your special day – it’s simply a refinement of the typical elements of a ceremony. Take industrial and natural elements and bring them together to create a tribute to the modern era. Steel touches, dark lines and marble fixtures along with bright green flora make for the ideal contemporary wedding setup.

No matter the theme you choose, just make sure that your choices come from the heart and represent you as a couple. After that, everything is a piece of cake!

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