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Baxters are experts in catering at community events. Their fleet of mobile caravans can offer a range of food types, from ice cream, shave Ice and cold drinks to hot chips, Thai food, or spiral spuds… Baxter’s caravans are at many community events throughout the region. You can pick them. They are always the one with the longest queues because they are so popular.  Long queues though are worth the wait as the food is hot, succulent and reasonably priced. For event organisers, Baxters are easy to work with as they come completely self-contained, with caravans, freezer trucks, generators and heaps of food, plus a designated ‘runner’ who can drive back to base for extra supplies if needed. For the visitors, Baxters are a proven quality food provider so their food and drink offerings will always be in demand.  Burgers, hot chips, and Thai food sliders are welcome, and often they are able to provide a sit down area with tables and chairs if the weather permits. Please review the links below to see how we manage these events, and deliver great food every time….

Great American Hot Dog Company

Make sure your guests love your event and don’t go hungry – an American hotdog stand is the perfect way to give your guests filling food at a low cost! Not only that, but you are offered a completely versatile food stall or caravan for your event which can be set up almost anywhere.

Thai 2U

This is another Baxters Catering operation. Bringing you unique Thai flavours to events from the beautiful Thai 2U food truck.


Our Baxters branded caravan and food trucks serve a wide variety of hot food and drink, from burgers and hot chips to coffee, as well as soft drinks. We can also serve a full range of espresso coffee and have two professional gas fired espresso machines from one of our caravans

Food Truck

Hot food Served:

Fish and chip packs Chicken and chip packs Battered hotdogs Chips (small and large) Spin suds

Lollies & Confectionery

Moros Crunchies Peanut Slabs Candy floss Sherbet fizz Biscuit packs

Cold drinks Depends on the sponsor

Coca-Cola company range (Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite, Fanta, L&P) Keri Orange Juice Water Bottles

Kapiti Ice Cream Truck

Ice-cream range served from Kapiti Caravan outlets, serving rolled ice creams and packaged Tip top and Kapiti Ice creams.

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